Super Cycles & Scooters SUP8002 Review

The SUP8002 electric scooter by Super Cycles & Scooters is considered one of the most powerful models on the market. Featuring a 1000 watt, 3,000 RPM motor with sprockets and heavy-duty chain, this virtually quiet running model is a consumer favorite that’s packing some serious power. This model can be used for a leisurely ride around town and it’s also fast enough and dependable enough to be used as a means of transportation to and from the office. You can switch off the battery and ride this scooter manually for an impressively tough workout, or switch on the motor and let the scooter handle all the hard work.

Super Cycles & Scooters SUP8002 Assessment: Specs and Features

This model is also equipped with ignition and key, a solid steel frame for improved durability, extra wide tires for improved balance, dual rear shocks for a smoother ride, and front and rear disc brakes. The manufacturer also gives you the option to upgrade this model and convert this scooter to the forty-eight-volt lithium model for a faster riding experience. To upgrade, you must purchase the forty-eight-volt upgrade kit. Other upgrade kits are available including splash guards, speed charger, mirrors, hill kit and brake lights. If you purchase one of these upgrades at the same time as the scooter the manufacturer will install them at no extra charge.

This model replaces the past Super Turbo 800. The upgrade is fairly simple, involving an upgrade in the chain, sprockets, and motor wattage. Considered one of the most powerful and reliable models around, this scooter has an impressive rider weight limit of three hundred pounds.  Equipped with a thirty-six-volt motor that provides three hundred RPMs, the max speed for this model is twenty-six miles per hour, which is unbelievably fast for a scooter. However, the max speed can also be affected by a few factors including weather conditions, whether you’re carrying any cargo, the weight of the rider and terrain type. Up-hill, this model will probably offer around twelve to fifteen miles per hour. According to the manufacturer, this scooter can offer about eighteen miles per charge, with the maximum mileage depending on rider weight and terrain type.

This scooter package features the basic tool kit, battery charger, headlight, removable extra-wide seat, and access to instructional videos on the manufacturer’s site.

Consumer Feedback for this Electric Scooter

According to consumers, this scooter rides like a rocket. Much more powerful than your standard electric model, you’ll be surprised at how fast this baby can go.

Pros: This model is pretty sensitive to even the slightest input of throttle, shooting off even with a heavier rider. The scooter can still provide a pretty smooth ride, even on bumpy or uneven terrain, thanks to the included shock absorbers, which you won’t find on low-quality models. The brakes themselves work well, with the ability to stop short impressively quick. According to consumers, the assembly is very simple, due to the clear and well detailed provided instructions. Altogether the entire assembly process should take about twenty minutes, which makes this model perfect for newbies with no prior bike or scooter assembly experience. Individuals who purchased this scooter were also impressed with the smooth ride it offers, even if you decide to take it over uncultivated terrain.

Cons: This model is much heavier than manual scooters, so you can expect a better workout when using it in manual mode. This can be an issue for smaller individuals or riders who aren’t physically fit. Because of the weight it can also be difficult to pick up, transport and store. One user also had an issue with the battery not holding a charge. When customer service was contacted they were very helpful and courteous. After troubleshooting, the customer service rep suggested a possible issue with the charger. A new charger was sent out immediately and completely solved any issues with poor battery life. Should you run into any issues with the scooter’s performance contact customer service right away. Another consumer had issues with the brakes and ended up needing to readjust the disc brakes in order to prevent them from rubbing on the vented discs. Fortunately, the discs can be adjusted easily be hand. The poor adjustment of the discs probably occurred during shipment, so keep this in mind and test the brakes before taking your scooter out for its first spin.  Should you notice any noise during your ride, be sure to check out the chain, it may need to be oiled, after which you won’t notice any sound at all.

Conclusion and Rating for this Electric Scooter

Consumers gave this model a rating of five out of five stars for ease of assembly, powerful motor, impressive shock and brake systems, quiet riding experience, pricing and overall quality of the frame. A model that can definitely be relied upon as your only means of transportation to and from work, the SUP8002 is a scooter that’s fun and exciting to ride, easy to control and a blast to use. The sheer speed this scooter has to offer is enough to convince most scooter enthusiasts to give it a shot. One consumer, who weighs almost two hundred pounds stated he was still able to get the scooter’s speed up to twenty-four miles, uphill. Downhill, many users noted they could go at a top speed that range from thirty to thirty-five miles an hour. Because of the amount of power the scooter offers you may want to choose a less powerful, slower model if you’re searching for the right scooter for your kid. This model is definitely not a great choice for users under the age of 12. A high-quality model that’s available at a reasonable price, it’s no surprise that it rated so well with consumers. For an even faster scooter or to add some extra features, purchase an upgrade or two through Amazon or right from the manufacturer’s website.

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