Electric Scooter Accessories

Green transport is a term frequently used these days. As issues continue to arise concerning the environment, doing your part to live a greener lifestyle can make you feel better and allows you to save money on repairs and maintenance costs, including the high price of gasoline. Riding an electric scooter is currently the most affordable method of green transportation. Most models are pretty standard and not equipped with a ton of features. But certain features such as a high powered motor, extra wide deck or shock absorbers can have a major impact on how enjoyable your daily commute is. Because scooters are all electric, they’re much more environmentally friendly, making them a great option for people who want to minimize their carbon footprint.

Benefits of Switching to an Electric Scooter as your Daily Commuter

Obviously, the biggest benefit of using a scooter is that fact that you’re eliminating harmful emissions that come with using a car or truck. Since the scooter is powered by electricity there’s no burning of fuels. Using a scooter will cost only a fraction of what it costs to drive a car. The cost of charging your scooter is about five cents per charge.

Scooters are very low maintenance. Most models use a twelve-volt battery which takes about twelve hours to charge and provides forty to sixty minutes of ride time per charge.

Because most models are fairly lightweight and compact, weighing anywhere from twenty to sixty pounds, riding around town or navigating through heavy traffic is simple because these models are so easy to maneuver.

The low cost of using and repairing a scooter is among one of the many advantages to relying on a scooter as a daily commuter.

After you have used your scooter as a daily commuter for several months you may need to purchase new parts such as a new battery or handlebar grips. The cost of replacement parts and general upkeep is much lower than what you’d pay for a car or SUV. While replacing certain parts may be necessary at times, for the most part, electric scooters are pretty durable and designed to take a beating.

Electric Scooter Buying Tips

If you have decided to get yourself a scooter, you’ll find there are many options out there. In terms of the features to look for, look at the scooter’s mileage per charge, the charge time, weight limit, and deck size. Scooters also have a wide range of engine sizes and the smaller the motor the slower it’ll go. If you’re unsure whether a particular model is right for you, take a look at some consumer reviews. These reviews will contain information from users who have experience with these products. This way you can learn if a model has any quirks and what to expect in terms of charge and a smooth riding experience.

Before you purchase a scooter you’ll need to look closely at the specs and features in order to determine which model is the right size for you. If you’re over six feet in height then you’ll want to find a model that features adjustable handlebars and a wide deck. You’ll also need to look at the model’s weight limit. Many of these scooters have a weight limit of two hundred pounds, but the limit can be as high as three hundred or as low as a hundred and twenty pounds.

If you’re purchasing a scooter for your child, you’ll want to check out the top speed. Some models can go as slow as ten miles per hour and as fast as thirty miles an hour. Read the recommended age use for each model that’s listed by the manufacturer.

Finding an affordable model that works with your budget is also important. You can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $600 for your standard electric model. Keep in mind the more features, such as shock absorbers, the higher the price tag.

Must-Have Extra Features for Electric Scooters

The brake system is usually overlooked by consumers interested in purchasing an electric scooter. An electric scooter can be pretty heavy, requiring a well-designed brake system. The type of brakes that tend to lock up the wheels instead of slowing them down are known as band brakes. These brakes can wear out the tires, resulting in an accident. A front band brake can be particularly dangerous because the front wheel can lock up and cause the rider to fly over the handlebars. Models that are equipped with both rear and front disc brakes offer the best braking performance. Scooters that are equipped with only one brake aren’t able to stop as fast as a model with two brakes.

Another important detail when choosing a scooter is the frame and fork design. Models made from tubular steel feature a thick plate steel construction and have been proven to be the strongest and most reliable scooter design when compared to models made from thin steel sheets.

If you plan on transporting your scooter in your SUV, Van or car then you need to measure the space in your trunk or the back of your vehicle and determine if there’s enough room.

If you live in an apartment, you might want to choose a lightweight model that’s easy transport or choose a foldable model that’s easy to store.

Tire size will also be an important feature to keep an eye out for. The wider the tire the more stability you can expect. Look for a model that’s equipped with ten-inch pneumatic tires.

Shock absorbers are a must-have feature but, unfortunately, you won’t commonly find them on electric scooters. A model that’s equipped with shocks will provide a significantly smoother ride especially if you ride over bumpy or uneven terrain.

Many manufacturers also produce upgrade kits for specific scooter models. This kits can range from a motor upgrade to brake light kits. These upgrades can be installed for you if you purchase them at the same time you purchase the scooter. Average upgrade costs will vary depending on type but can range from $50 to $150.

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