E300 Electric Scooter By Razor Review

Razor scooters are still popular, even though they burst onto the scene about fifteen years ago. These days you can still see people riding them, but unlike the manual models of the past, these new models by Razor are electric and can get you where you need to go, faster. These environmentally friendly scooters are capable of speeds up to fifteen miles per hour, allowing you to zip around town or commute to and from work peacefully leaving the heavy work to the scooter.

E300 Electric Scooter By Razor Overview: Specs and Features

The E300 by Razor is one of the largest models in their lineup. This model weighs in at forty-six pounds and features a weight limit of 220 pounds. A faster than average scooter, the E300 is capable of speeds up to fifteen miles per hour. This model is easy to assemble, just use a hex wrench to attach the steering column. The cables for the brakes and accelerator extend from the deck of the scooter to the handlebars. The deck is wider than the deck found on manual models and features a non-skid material over the top for improved grip. This model operates using a couple of lead acid batteries, which are hidden inside of the deck. Two pneumatic tires complete the scooter. Measuring in at ten inches, the front tire is extra wide for a smoother ride. The super-sized frame means it’s perfect for users of all sizes.

The brushed steel shell placed over the rear wheel is a convenient place to put your foot. The power switch has been placed down on the side of the deck, right next to the charging port.

This is a pretty standard model, you don’t have to worry about manual kickoff, because this scooter can be started from a standing position. This isn’t an escooter that’s equipped with a ton of fancy features. At the rear of the deck you’ll find the electric motor. The motor drives the rear wheel with a chain. By twisting the accelerator on the right handlebar you can accelerate. On the left handlebar you’ll find the brake. This model can run for forty minutes per charge, requiring a charge time of twelve hours.  The brakes on this model are pretty impressive. You can press the hand operated rear brake lever, which is attached to the rear wheel and allows you to stop short anytime.

Consumer Feedback for this Razor Scooter

Pro: This model is considered the fastest Razor in their electric line. At fifteen miles an hour, you’ll be hard pressed to find another electric model that can go quite as fast. If you like smoother and faster rides then you should definitely purchase this escooter. The single speed chain driven motor on this model is significantly better than what you will find on other scooters produced by the Razor line because it offers super high torque, generating about three hundred watts of raw power. The scooter’s chain is described as ultra-quiet so you’ll enjoy a virtually silent and peaceful ride. Most consumers loved the improved grip and better control over acceleration with this model. The size and design of the deck is a huge improvement over scooters of the past. The width of the deck will allow you to easily change positions without having to stop, and it also works to make this scooter significantly more durable than other models in this price range. The deck is also about four inches longer, which makes it a great choice for taller riders or riders with large feet. The power the motor produces is almost fifty percent stronger than other models in the Razor electric line.

Cons: Because this model isn’t equipped without a battery charge indicator it can be difficult to determine how much charge is left. While the average charge time is forty minutes, this can also be affected by terrain type. For example, you’ll definitely get about forty minutes of charge if you’re riding on a flat road and not carrying any cargo, but if your route consists of a lot of hills, uneven terrain or you’re carrying a number of bags, then the charge may only last for twenty or thirty minutes. Without a change indicator light, it can be pretty difficult to tell. This model also isn’t equipped with any backlights or a headlight, which would make it safe for a ride at night. The structure of the scooter also lacks any sort of hole or link into which you could run a bicycle lock through, which is a downside for many users. While charging, several consumers also noted a harsh burning rubber smell. Comparably, this model also has about a ten percent shorter running time than over models in the Razor electric line. This escooter isn’t equipped with adjustable handlebars, which can make it difficult for taller riders to use this scooter comfortably. This model isn’t recommended for users under the age of twelve because the less weight of the rider will mean increased difficulty controlling the scooter when you get to top speed. Some users found the scooter difficult to ride and navigate when using it in manual mode. The sheer size of the scooter also makes it difficult to transport and store for some users.

Conclusion and Rating for the E300 Scooter

Consumers gave this model a rating of four out of five stars for top speed capabilities, quality build and pricing. This electric scooter has a number of features to offer that are lacking in other models in the Razor line. With improved power, more space and better control, this model has an edge over other electric scooters in this price range. The powerful high torque motor is enough to convince the avid scooter rider to give this model a shot, while the ability to start up the scooter in a standing position is a huge bonus for riders with disabilities. Reasonably priced and a reliable choice for your daily commuter, this model by Razor will definitely turn some heads as you ride around town in style.

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