E100 Electric Scooter by Razor Review

The E100 electric scooter by Razor is that model you’ve always wanted, except instead of a sleek, fast manual scooter, you’re looking at an electric one that can get you where you need to go, fast. Razor is the same company that produces the popular manual scooters that seem to be everywhere these days. The company has since expanded their line up and included a variety of electric models that can be used around town or as a daily commuter to and from work.

E100 Electric Scooter by Razor Overview: Specs and Features

The E100 is considered the smallest scooter produced by Razor. The assembly process is very simple and takes a hex wrench and about ten to fifteen minutes total. Once you’ve assembled your scooter you’ll need to charge it.

The deck of the scooter features a non-skid coating for improved grip and is wide enough to allow you to switch positions without stopping. There is also a strip of blue LED lights placed around the deck’s edge for safe night riding. But in terms of extra features the blue LEDs are pretty much it. This model lacks much of anything aside from the kickstand, brakes and accelerator. It’s also not equipped with a battery power level indicator so the rider has no way of knowing how much juice is left. The back of the scooter is not equipped with a light, so you’ll need to purchase one separately in order to ride safely at night.

A simple caliper brake is placed on the front, similar to the setup of your basic bike. Beneath the scooter’s deck you’ll find a couple of lead acid batteries. This model’s motor turns the scooter’s rear wheel with a chain drive. The batteries are the same type that have been used for many years to power the starter motors in vehicles, so it seems almost outdated to use, especially considering most models of electric bikes and scooters now use lithium ion batteries because they offer more power and longevity.

Because of its small stature, this isn’t one of Razor’s fastest scooters. While their top of the line model can go around twenty miles per hour, this scooter features a top speed of just ten miles per hour, with forty minutes of ride time once the battery has been fully charged. The maximum weight of the rider is also pretty limited, allowing for only a hundred and twenty pounds. Which makes this scooter a better fit for small riders or children. According to the manufacturer, this model is suitable for kids eight years old and older. So if you’re looking for a scooter for your child you need to determine whether you want to purchase a model that they might easily grow out of pretty quickly, or buy a slightly larger model, like the E200 by Razor, that offers a higher weight limit and a little more speed. Whichever type of Razor scooter you choose make sure that your child wears a helmet. While electric scooters are not considered high powered vehicles, the rider can still suffer from a fatal head injury if they fail to wear proper protection.

Consumer Feedback for this Electric Scooter by Razor

Razor E100 Electric Scooter pink pic

Not a model that’s intended for large adults, it’s perfect for smaller riders, and children and is still a dependable ride that can get you around town. If an impressive top speed really doesn’t matter to you, then this dependable scooter might be a good fit. For smaller adults, it can be pretty frustrating to find the right type of electric scooter that isn’t too big and one that allows you to feel in control, instead of just along for the ride. So take a second look at an escooterthat may seem like it’s designed just for you and feel confident as you zip around town on your new electric scooter.

Pros: This is an environmentally friendly model that’s both durable and reliable. It features a chain driven high torque of twenty-four volts with a hundred watt motor and is powered by two twelve volt batteries. The basic motorcycle style twist throttle is found on the hand grip, allowing for improved control and comfort during a longer ride. The included hand operated brakes are pretty impressive and can stop short in seconds. Because this scooter is made from quality materials that are designed to take a beating, this scooter is the perfect choice for young kids. The fact that it’s easy to assemble is a big selling point for many users. Disassembly is also pretty simple, making this model easy to transport and store when not in use.

Cons: Some users found the power of the brakes to be lacking. But more importantly, if this is a model for your child you’ll need to educate them on how to free the throttle if they want to stop and how to properly use the front brake.  Another issue for some users was the drive chain cover size. This large protection cover can inhibit movement for the rider if they choose to go right. When the scooter is turning right the cover will come into contact with the street, which in turn can cause the scooter’s rear wheel to lose traction.

Conclusion and Rating for the E100 by Razor

Consumers gave this model a rating of four out of five stars for easy assembly, ease of use and the overall quality of the frame. Keep in mind this is a scooter that’s marketed towards children or smaller riders and isn’t meant to compete with the heavy duty line of faster scooters produced by this company. This is still a reliable and solid scooter that can be used as a daily commuter, just as long as you don’t mind the lower speed it has to offer. A great buy for children, young adults and smaller riders, now you can ride on a model that’s designed for your size and no longer struggle to control a larger scooter that’s built for heavier and taller adults.

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